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The following is a list of the tools and scripts contained within this project:

PowerShell Scripts

Backs up supplied management packs to the file system. Works along the PowerShell Pipeline.
See Get-Help .\Export-MPtoCSV.ps1

This script will download all the Management Packs from the portal to a designated directory.
Based off the script by

This script exports the supplied Management Pack to CSV. The Management Pack can be from the SCOM MS or the File System. Works along the PowerShell Pipeline.
See Get-Help .\Export-MPtoCSV.ps1

Used while onsite to export key events from the OpsMgr Event Log when performing a health check of a system.
See Get-Help .\Export-OpsMgrEventLog.ps1

Backs up the unsealed MPs. Based on

Exports all Overrides to CSV
Based on

Creates a HTML report of all Management Packs within the SCOM Management Server,
Based on

SQL Server Scripts

This file contains the TSQL queries used to manage the Data Warehouse aggregation retention settings. For more information see

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